All Cost is negotiable!

We are a network of Consultants working together to serve you. 

Grant Research: Everything is Negotiable!

Grant Research Report: The price depends on hours of research for specific funding types. 

This report identifies all funding sources for a period of one year and is a development tool providing forecasted efforts to assist you in preparing and maintaining your Grants Calendar and sustainability efforts. 

This report also includes a Grant Watch on congressional trends in funding as well as current funded project specs. 

Grant Writing

Contract per Grant Writing on a per grant basis is based on a negotiated rate. Many contracts are based on hours per month or year at a negotiated rate. 

Contact me let's talk? (208)598-2953

Free Grant Writing for agencies should they choose Grant Options to participate in the Grant via Program Evaluation at the rate of 10% of overall grant award or limited monitoring and or reporting contract. 

Program Evaluation

up to 10% of the overall award varies depending on funding source and project scope. 

Program Evaluation includes identified models for monitoring program performance, sampling and strategy sessions to ensure performance and continued funding. 

Grant Training: Depends on the type of training and staff hours for facilitation. Again let's negotiate. Give me a call: 208-598-2953.