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I am Senovia D. Lehman, MS.I come from a background of 20 years of Executive Leadership, Grant Writing, Program Evaluation, and Grant Administration. I have consulted with agencies within Washington State since moving here in 2016. I have experience in Native Organizations as I directed prevention projects for Navajo Nation in Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona including projects with Ute and Apache Nations in the regional area.  I have experience in HIV/AIDS Ryan White Part B Funding in clinics in the Pan-West Region of Texas where I was a Grant Administrator for the Department of State Health Services under a Federal contract. I have previously acquired experience in Rural Health Clinics establishing the first ACA Grant initiatives of the Obama era with Glenns Ferry Health Centers in Mountain Home, Idaho. My most recent accomplishments include the development of Grant Options LLC a Nation-Wide Grant Writing and External Evaluation Service and I am drawing closer to completion of a Ph.D. in Project Management from North Central University. As a young girl, my mother said you sure like to go and go and thus I came to the name Grant Options led by a GO Girl! Just like my mama always said. So why not let Grant Options GO and find you funding? 

Founder & CEO